ListaBot Launch

Today I released my first public version of Listabot in the App Store

I’ve contracted & freelanced on & off for many years.

Over the course of those years I’ve used many different platforms for tracking billable hours.

Most require an account to setup before you can even enter a task and actually get to work.

In a small team environment, you might even end up assigning one person to just master the system.

That sole person would then be responsible for assigning & maintaining the tasks.

The Taskmaster.

It’s ironic that something used to track time, could actually end up wasting so much of your time. Your team’s time.

Except that wasted time isn’t just a hassle - those are billable hours you’ve just lost.

Screen shot from Street Fighter of a new challenger appearing

I’ve made Listabot to minimize the friction for simply tracking your billable hours spent on project tasks.

The benefits for tracking your billable hours become apparent over time.

Obviously, tracking your billable hours is important if you want to get paid for your work.

But how you track your time can also save time when you are making estimates for your next project.

With your past performance accurately recorded & easy to analyze, you not only have a record to improve on, but a measuring stick.

This isn’t just your invoice, this is your record to improve upon. A tool for spotting pain-points & anticipated where more time will be spent.

I have a roadmap of features I’m implementing incrementally.

I’d like to begin adding these features & others as they are requested by users like you.

My mission with this app will always be to keep billable hour tracking simple & intuitive.

If you are interested in learning about new features as they are released, please join the mailing list or just stay in touch on the Facebook page.